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Who We Are

808 Futbol Club

808 Futbol Club is a new club in West Oahu that was founded in 2023. From coaching various clubs not only in Hawaii but on the East Coast, we saw there was a need to provide a more consistent, individualistic coaching approach. We want the players to have the right tools from a developmental age and continue to build on them to ensure they reach their highest potential. We believe this all starts with coaching. Coaches should be able to provide a positive and safe environment so players can continue to learn, develop and be confident on the field which will translate to their success off the field.

Coach: Thomas Bekas

808 Futbol Club Logo

Our Mission

808 Futbol Club was created to ensure youth soccer players in Hawaii can reach their highest potential by receiving high-quality coaching in a positive, safe, and highly ethical environment. We are committed to the development and personal growth of the player as we will instill strong core values which will provide a platform for the players to not only succeed in soccer at the collegiate or professional levels, but in life.

Our Vision

To be an exceptional educational-athletic association that provides the tools necessary for the youth to reach their highest potential on and off the field.


Alu like – Work together

Kuleana – Responsibility

Hō’ihi – Respect

Ho’omau – To Persevere

Ikaika – Strong and Powerful